DDP LCL Shipping To Europe

lclshippingfromchina.com provide DDP LCL Shipping service to UK,Italy, Germany, France, Spain Bulgaria, Romania,Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands,Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic.Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden, Finland.

DDP LCL Shipping have another name: special line by sea , which means transport by sea, delivery by express or truck , duty and customs clearance included service.

1, How the DDP lcl shipping service to Europe works ?

  • 1, cargo collection
  • 2, customs declaration(China Side)
  • 3, loading to the ship
  • 4, sailing
  • 5, customs clearance and pay taxes(Europe Side)
  • 6, forward to express company
  • 7, delivery (done)

2,Transit Times of the DDP LCL Shipping to Europe:

Transit Times of the DDP LCL Shipping to Europe is around 40-50days

3,Advantage of the DDP LCL Shipping to Europe

  • 1, customs clearance included
  • 2, taxes and duties included
  • 3, delivery to door
  • 4, can delivery to Amazon

4,What we can do for you ?

  • 1, Pick up from anywhere in mainland China
  • 2,Direct Shipping Service
  • 3, Free 7-day storage service
  • 4,Assist with document work
  • 5,Reasonable port of destination charges
  • 6, provide insurance services
  • 7,7*24 online support

How to contact us ?

we prefer to use email , email is more formal.

If urgent , you can also call us.

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