LCL Shipping rates from China to Durres port provide lcl shipping rates from China to Albania Durres port.

Now the rates is around USD 300 per CBM (February,2022),depends on the goods.

China now is the largest trade partner in the world, if you import goods from China to Durres, maybe you need the lcl shipping service. welcome to contact us to get latest price.

What fees do you need to pay?

Normally, if you do FOB terms with the suppliers, all you need to pay is the following USD Part, your supplier will pay the RMB part.


O/F(Ocean Freight):USD/CBM

CFS(Container Freight Station fee):RMB40/CBM
CUS(customs fee):RMB320/BL(suppliers need to provide all the documents for customs in China side)
DOC(document fee):RMB300/BL

which china sea port we handle ?

most of sea port in China mainland, include:

Guangzhou port,

Shenzhen port,

Shanghai port,

Qingdao port,

Ningbo port.


how long does it take to ship to Cannes by lcl shipping from China ?

Now lcl shipping ,we mostly use the carrier CMA to ship goods to Cannes, Transit at Koper port, total need 35days (after departure).

what do you need to pay attention to ?

International trade involves many links. After the goods are produced, international transportation and customs clearance are very important. You need to pay attention to the following conditions:

1, Logs need fumigation, including log package or log goods.

2, The supplier need to provide all the documents that the customs requirement.

3, If the goods have liquid, or battery or powder or gas, please confirm with us.

4, If the goods are food, or dangerous goods, please confirm with us.

5, If the destination country need Certificate Of Origin, pls let your supplier to provide

6, As we only provide China to destination port service, we suggest you to cooperate with experienced local agent to help you to do the custom clearance.

What we can do for you ?

  • 1, Pick up from anywhere in mainland China
  • 2,Direct Shipping Service
  • 3, Free 7-day storage service
  • 4,Assist with document work
  • 5,Reasonable port of destination charges
  • 6, provide insurance services
  • 7,7*24 online support

Why choose us ?

1,we started lcl shipping service from 2011.

2,More than 75% of our employees have at least 3 years lcl shipping experience .

3,As a local logistics company in China, as long as your goods are in China, we can provide excellent services from the factory to the destination port. EXW or FOB , depends on your requirement.

4,As one of the fastest growing logistics companies in China,Experienced leadership team, young employees, and international partners ensure that we provide quality services.

How to contact us ?

we prefer to use the email :

also you can add our Wechat :+86-13632768961

If urgent , please call us directly:+86-13632768961